Caring for Your New Sod

If you have any questions on how to care for you sod, don't hesitate to call Skyline Sod. Our team of experts are glad to help you answer all your project questions.
Lawn sprinkler spraying water over grass — Sod in Ault, CO

Our Recommendation

Your new lawn must be watered immediately after it is installed. If you have a large lawn, we recommend you begin irrigating sodded areas by hand before installation is complete. It is critical to water your new sod immediately after installation.

We suggest that you test a newly installed automatic sprinkler system prior to the installation of your sod. Additionally, we advise you to have sufficient hose available to hand-water your entire lawn should your automatic sprinkler system fail. You may need your neighbors, friends, or kids to help you out if you end up hand watering your new lawn. Properly watering freshly installed sod is critical to ensuring the future health of your lawn.

We advise you to provide .5 to 1.5 inches of water to your new sod every day for 21 days after installation. We can provide you with a rain gauge to assist you in measuring the amount of water you are applying to your lawn during this critical time. The best way to water your new lawn with a sprinkler system is to set it for short cycles repeated throughout the entire day so that all watering zones are kept moist and water is evenly absorbed.

Caring for your established lawn.

Proper care of your lawn will ensure it is healthy and beautiful for a lifetime. We suggest to everyone who is installing sod for the first time to learn about proper lawn care as well as ways to preserve Colorado's precious water resources.
Sprays water on lawn — Sod in Ault, CO